Saturday, March 22, 2014

Best bath towels fabrics

 Bath Towel Fabrics 

There are a variety of factors that come together to create the best bath towel  mainly fabric and size, and finding a towel that fits these characteristics can be one of your more confusing bath decorating tasks. Don't panic, though. This towel buying guide will help you pick the right towel for every circumstance.
Luxurious Egyptian Cotton 6-piece Towel Set
  •  Egyptian cotton towels: Egyptian cotton towelsare one of the most popular types of bath towels. In contrast to a regular cotton towel, the long fibers of Egyptian cotton provide more softness and durability, making them feel more luxurious for longer. Egyptian cotton towels are a great cost-effective way to make your master or guest bath look and feel rich and sumptuous.
  • Terry cloth towels: Terry cloth towels and terry cloth robes are extremely absorbent. That's because terry cloth is woven with extra yarn lengthwise in order to create hundreds of tiny sponges to suck up excess liquid. Quality terry cloth towels are easy to find at low prices, making them some of the best bath towels for the majority of situations.
  • Microfiber towels: Microfiber, a relatively recent innovation in the textile world, is produced from synthetic fibers. These fibers are tiny, very soft and ultra absorbent, meaning they dry your skin faster. Microfiber towelsalso dry much faster than regular cotton towels and can be folded very small, so they are great for traveling.
  • Turkish towels: If you're in the market for the ultimate in luxury, searching for the best bath towels , consider Turkish towels. The standard of opulence in bed and bath linens, Turkish towels are as thick and supple as you'll find. The thickness of a Turkish towel ensures superior comfort, but don't expect to throw one in your suitcase; Turkish towels are bulky

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